Constructed canvas

Constructed canvas

During the creative process, the canvas itself entered the space. On my works the canvas creases and knots were thus realized as objects. My goal with these works is to make the viewer of the picture think about the question of what is real? From the rupture that appears in abstract images, or from various spatial effects, we may be thinking that we can get answers to questions that arise in physical reality in an abstract world. My objects were hardened with space and rigid canvases, which I had painted along my own logical construction. To give the impression of a completely different object from each side. We meet them by turning the object back into itself and referring back to itself. These works best illustrate my idea that everything that exists (thought, feeling, object, color…) seems different from a point of view, shows a different side to its viewer.

,,Budapest-born Melinda Dovák (1991-) pursued her studies in Munich and graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2018. Dovák’s artistic vocabulary is a sensitive personal reading of new abstraction which recycles art historical icons as well as minutiae. Her DJ sets executed in acrylic, spray, and twisted canvas mix loud and rowdy techno with transparent trompe-l’oeil lies. Her large-scale paintings shaded by spray-paint model different layers of reality while her crumpled canvases soaked in glue and her objects recycling spent images are reborn as studio litter and firebombs, re-sculpting two-dimensional painting into experimental sculpture.”

Gábor Rieder

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