Melinda Ilona Dovák, 1991 Budapest HU


  • 2019-2020     Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Master Degree, Faculty of Teaching Fine Arts
  • 2017-2017     University of Arts and Design in Cluj- Napoca, Faculty of Painting,                                                                              Campus Mundi Scholarship for one semester,  Professor: Ioan Sbarciu
  • 2015-2016     Kunstakademie der Bildenden Künste, Münich,De                                                                                                      Erasmus Scholarship for two semesters,  Free Arts, Professors:Hermann Pitz and Jorinde Voigt
  • 2013-2018     Hungarian University of Fine Arts                                                                                                                                  Master degree,  Faculty of Painting, Professors: Orshi Drozdik and Chilf Maria
  • 2012-2013     Lia Technical School, Cad/Cam IT Technician
  • 2006-2011     Sandor Petofi Secondary School, Buda

Ars Poetica

The smallest unit of matter is described as a “probability wave”. However, these smallest units only exist if they are perceived. All of this means that until we perceive these quanta, they only exist as probabilities and possibilities, but by no means as reality. It is certain that man holds in his own hands the key by which he can make probability a reality. By being able to consciously focus on the energy potential that is present in it as a quality of soul, one is able to involve the corresponding abilities in one’s consciousness. Thus, probability can become a reality. I see painting as an opportunity to represent different dimensions in a common space. Allegories of feelings, thoughts, and experiential reality are tangled together, sometimes in favor of abstraction, sometimes in favor of figurately. It is concerned with the symbolism of alchemy, through which we roam and explore the depths of our own personalities and unconsciousness.

“But among the principles readiest to thine hand, upon which thou shalt pore, let there be these two. One, that objective things do not lay hold of the soul, but stand quiescent without; while disturbances are but the outcome of that opinion which is within us. A second, that all this visible world changes in a moment, and will be no more; and continually bethink thee to the changes of how many things thou hast already been a witness. ‘The Universe—mutation: Life—opinion.’ ”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Solo exhibitions

2021 Kertész utca 25. – Not for sale – Street art installation project, Budapest, HU

2019 New Zero Art Space – Encrypted Tales – Yangon, Myanmar

2019 Golipark – Constructed space – Budapest, HU

2018 Kubik Coworking’s gallery – Layers of reality – Budapest, HU

2017 Urania Palace – Painted space, Cluj-Napoca, RO

Group exhibitions


  • Gone Viral – Youngart Gallery, Budapest, HU
  • Gone Viral – Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna, AT
  • Xmas Fair by Youngart – MOM PARK, Budapest, HU
  • 2057 Személyes utópiák – MANK Gallery – Szentendre, HU


  • Kepesita Collection – Online exhibition – Shortlist, Budapest, HU
  • Kortárs Balaton – Pintér Galéria és Aukciósház / Hableány  – Badacsony, HU
  • Pintér Auction – Vaszary Gallery – Balatonfüred, HU


  • Ziggy Art Fair – Pintér Galéria és Aukciósház  – Budapest, HU
  • Constructed space – Három Hét Galéria – Budapest, HU


  • Art + Text Gallery – Confuseless, curated by Rieder Gábor  – Budapest, HU
  • Belgrád rkp. – High Five – Budapest, HU
  • Partizan Studios and Gallery – On The Rocks, curated by Rieder Gábor, Budapest, HU
  • A.P.A. Gallery – Ateliers Pro Arts Center and Resident Art Budapest – Collect Contemporary! – Budapest, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Degree show and presentation, Layers of Reality, Budapest, HU
  • Final exhibition – University of Arts and Design in Cluj- Napoca, RO
  • Unilever Scholarship- Budapest, HU


  • Kortárs Gallery – Szénrajz – Tatabánya, HU
  • Godot Institute of Contemporary Art – Y Generaion Art Fair, Budapest, HU
  • Roznava Artist Residency Programme, Roznva, SK
  • City Matine, 360 Bar – Art Label Budapest cooperation, Budapest, HU
  • Ari Kupsus Galéria, Ari Kupsus Salon’s scholarship, Budapest, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Auction – Museums night, Budapest, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts – final exhibition, Epreskert, Chilf Mára class, Budapest, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Ludwig scholarship, Budapest, HU
  • OMDK – M21 Galéria Pécs, HU
  • Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem – Fundamenta Amadeus scholarship, Budapest, HU


  • Latarka Gallery – pop up exhibition, Budapest, HU
  • A38 hajó – Diákhitel Képző, Budapest, HU
  • cARTc – Christmas art fair, Budapest, HU
  • Budapest Jazz Club, Budapest, HU (solo)
  • Godot Gallery – Pop up exhibition, Budapest, HU
  • cARTc – Kepesita – Hitchhiking the world, Budapest, HU
  • Akademie der Bildenden Künste, final exhibition Hermann Pitz and Erasmus class, München De
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts, final exhibition Budapest HU


  • Secret Gallery Budapest HU
  • Latte Grande Vienna Austria
  • The talent- Bakelit Multi Art Center
  • “Just Make it” Zenith Halle München DE
  • 25. Aukcio – Kunstakademie der Bildenden Kunste-  München- DE
  • Ari Kupsus Gallery– Iszkaszentgyörgy, Pappenheim Amadé Bajzath castle, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts- Ludwig ösztöndíj Budapest, HU
  • Bartok 32 Galéria harmad-negyed év Budapest HU
  • Budapest Jazz Club, Budapest, HU /egyéni
  • Porsche Classic palyazat- Porsche Salon Budapest
  • Fundamenta- Amadeus scholarship for students Budapest HU
  • Bálna Korzo Budapest HU



  • Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest, HU The Talent
  • The Talent tour- Mika Tivadar Bar
  • Magyar Művelődési Intézet és Képzőművészeti Lektorátus  székházában Budapest HU, Temesvár RO

Prizes, scholarships, residency programs

2023- upcoming

  • Luppa Artist Residency Program – Luppa Island, Budapest, HU
  • Tállya Artist Residency Program – Tállya, HU


  • Luppa Artist Residency Program – Luppa Island, Budapest, HU


  • Erasmus project participant in H2O Association: Street art as a private project, elementary school teaching practice


  • New Zero Art Space Residency Program


  • Ceepus scholarship – Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts
  • Kárpátmegyei Tehetségkutató Alapítvány – KMTA’s scholarship


  • Fellowship granted by the Republic
  • Campus Mundi scholarship – Universitatea de Arta Si Design din Cluj Napoca
  • Roznava Artist Residency Program participant
  • Fundamenta – Amadeus Art Prize for students
  • PP Center Artist Residency Program participant
  • Ari Kupsus Salon Society’s award
  • Sardinia Artist Reidency program participant
  • OMDK- National scientific and artistic student activity – III. prize


  • CaritART – spiritual inspirations- main prize
  • Erasmus Scholarship- Kunstakademie der Bildenden Künste, Münich, Germany


  • Erasmus scholarship  – Kunstakademie der Bildenden Künste, Münich, Germany
  • Fundamenta –Amadeus art prize for students
  • Ari Kupsus Gallery’s international art camp– Iszkaszentgyörgy
  • Kirakat Gallery- You can show it- surcharge


  • Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest, The Talent – surcharge
  • Magyar Művelődési Intézet és Képzőművészeti Lektorátus székházában Budapest HU, Temesvár RO, Miracle is in you, III. prize /2010
Practical Experience
2020-2021     Elementary School Art Teacher,  Agrupamento Vertical F. C. P. da Silva, Artist intern in H2O Ass.
2018-2021     Set Dresser Assistant, Prop Club, Freelancer
2020-2020     Secondary School Art Teaching practice, Kisképző, 6 months
2019-2020     Graphic Designer, Budapest Jazz Club, 1 year
2017-2018     Private Art Teacher, Art school owner, Art Jump, 2 years