Melinda Ilona Dovák, 1991 Budapest HU

  • 2019-2020      Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Faculty of Teaching Fine Arts
  • 2017-2017       University of Arts and Design in Cluj- Napoca, Faculty of Painting,                                                                              Campus Mundi Scholarship for one semester,  Professor: Ioan Sbarciu
  • 2015-2016       Kunstakademie der Bildenden Künste, Münich,De                                                                                                      Erasmus Scholarship for two semesters,  Free Arts, Professors:Hermann Pitz and Jorinde Voigt 
  • 2013-2018       Hungarian University of Fine Arts                                                                                                                                 Masters degree program,  Faculty of Painting, Professors: Orshi Drozdik and Chilf Maria
  • 2012-2013       Lia Technical School, Cad/Cam IT Technician
  • 2006-2011       Sandor Petofi Secondary School, Buda

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”  Marcus Aurelius

Ars Poetica

In my art I focus in mixing different styles and techniques. By connecting different elements, I refer to artists in the past. Even if I paint something in a certain style I do not imitate anything but create an individual work as a result of my personality, the colors I use and the topics I choose. By all of these creations I attempt to demonstrate a kind of freedom. We must not forget the painting of the past but integrate them to the artworks of the present, even by mixing different periods. The most important thing is to let the artists of the present express themselves perfectly.

Beyond this medial freedom, I also have revolving topics and patterns. I am interested of creating illusion, creating a painted fake-space. I am trying to grasp a kind of the sacred by using trompe-l’oeil and op-art surfaces at a time. Different illusions and dimensions are appearing as different fields of reality. Altogether they pose the question: what is real? Our memories are always rewritten by our emotions so we can only experience a subjective reality. On my paintings, I try to represent a certain universal truth or rule and shape it into pictures by using no viewpoint. One’s evolution and freedom begins at the point where they recognize his own psychical burdens and shakes off the fear. The elements of my pictures are fighting within the painting alike: sometimes figures win and sometimes abstraction does.

As Ludwig Wittgenstein says in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus“Logic deals with every possibility and all possibilities are its facts (2.0121) … If I know an object I also know all its possible occurrences in states of affairs (2.0123) … The totality of existing states of affairs is the world (2.04) … In a state of affairs objects fit into one another like the links of a chain (2.03)”.[1]To put painting in the reflection of these sentences and to adjust them to my subjective viewpoint we could say the following: If I understand the connections of art or a certain object in art history, and if I know the network, the variability and possibilities of media, I will be able to express myself freely. This totality is the world of art. Within the world of art different styles fit into one another like the links of a chain. One style includes another which it follows.By my montages, I am reducing this into a mini-universe.

The motifs of a style appear as symbols along with their special semantic content. The meanings of these symbols are creating a new painting language within a logic structure that can be freely modified. The synthesis of this mixture of styles can cause a limitless amount of new meanings. I am experiencing the variability of the new meanings by painting. In his essay Painting Asger Jorn also claims that all artifacts of the past must be “recycled”. I try to put this thought into action. Speaking of the world of music the implementation is embodied by DJs. “During a set, a DJ plays records, i.e., products. The DJ’s work consists both of proposing a personal orbit through the musical universe (a playlist) and of connecting these elements in a certain order, paying attention to their sequence as well as to the construction of an atmosphere … He or she may also act physically on the object being used, by scratching or using a whole range of actions”.[2]And, obviously, they use and monopolize anything that was created by anyone before. In the fashion world Jean Paul Guiltier can successfully carry this out by mixing the clothes of different cultures, times and ethnicities. And his goal is not less but to keep finding something new.

[1] Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.Translated by Pears/McGuinness.

[2] Nicolas Bourriaud, Postproduction. Culture as Screenplay: How Art Reprograms the World. Translated by Jeanine Herman. Medialis, Berlin, 2002.

Solo exhibitions

2019 New Zero Art Space – Encrypted Tales – Yangon, Myanmar

2019 Goipark – Constructed space – Budapest, HU

2018 Kubik Coworking’s gallery – Layers of reality – Budapest, HU

2017 Urania Palace – Painted space, Cluj-Napoca, RO

Group exhibitions


  • Ziggy Art Fair – Pintér Galéria és Aukciós ház  – Budapest, HU
  • Constructed space – Három Hét Galéria – Budapest, HU


  • Art + Text Gallery – Confuseless, curated by Rieder Gábor  – Budapest, HU
  • Belgrád rkp. – High Five – Budapest, HU
  • Partizan Studios and Gallery – On The Rocks, curated by Rieder Gábor, Budapest, HU
  • A.P.A. Gallery – Ateliers Pro Arts Center and Resident Art Budapest – Collect Contemporary! – Budapest, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Degree show and presentation, Layers of Reality, Budapest, HU
  • Final exhibition – University of Arts and Design in Cluj- Napoca, RO
  • Unilever Scholarship- Budapest, HU


  • Kortárs Gallery – Szénrajz – Tatabánya, HU
  • Godot Institute of Contemporary Art – Y Generaion Art Fair, Budapest, HU
  • Roznava Artist Residency Programme, Roznva, SK
  • City Matine, 360 Bar – Art Label Budapest cooperation, Budapest, HU
  • Ari Kupsus Galéria, Ari Kupsus Salon’s scholarship, Budapest, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Auction – Museums night, Budapest, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts – final exhibition, Epreskert, Chilf Mára class, Budapest, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Ludwig scholarship, Budapest, HU
  • OMDK – M21 Galéria Pécs, HU
  • Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem – Fundamenta Amadeus scholarship, Budapest, HU


  • Latarka Gallery – pop up exhibition, Budapest, HU
  • A38 hajó – Diákhitel Képző, Budapest, HU
  • cARTc – Christmas art fair, Budapest, HU
  • Budapest Jazz Club, Budapest, HU (solo)
  • Godot Gallery – Pop up exhibition, Budapest, HU
  • cARTc – Kepesita – Hitchhiking the world, Budapest, HU
  • Akademie der Bildenden Künste, final exhibition Hermann Pitz and Erasmus class, München De
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts, final exhibition Budapest HU


  • Secret Gallery Budapest HU
  • Latte Grande Vienna Austria
  • The talent- Bakelit Multi Art Center
  • “Just Make it” Zenith Halle München DE
  • 25. Aukcio – Kunstakademie der Bildenden Kunste-  München- DE
  • Ari Kupsus Gallery– Iszkaszentgyörgy, Pappenheim Amadé Bajzath castle, HU
  • Hungarian University of Fine Arts- Ludwig ösztöndíj Budapest, HU
  • Bartok 32 Galéria harmad-negyed év Budapest HU
  • Budapest Jazz Club, Budapest, HU /egyéni
  • Porsche Classic palyazat- Porsche Salon Budapest
  • Fundamenta- Amadeus scholarship for students Budapest HU
  • Bálna Korzo Budapest HU



  • Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest, HU The Talent
  • The Talent tour- Mika Tivadar Bar
  • Magyar Művelődési Intézet és Képzőművészeti Lektorátus  székházában Budapest HU, Temesvár RO


Prizes and scholarships


  • New Zero Art Space Residency Program


  • Ceepus scholarship
  • Kárpátmegyei Tehetségkutató Alapítvány – KMTA’s scholarship


  • Fellowship granted by the Republic
  • Campus Mundi scholarship – Universitatea de Arta Si Design din Cluj Napoca 
  • Roznava Artist Residency Program participant
  • Fundamenta – Amadeus Art Prize for students
  • PP Center Artist Residency Program participant
  • Ari Kupsus Salon Society’s award
  • Sardinia Artist Reidency program participant
  • OMDK- National scientific and artistic student activity – III. prize


  • CaritART – spiritual inspirations- main prize
  • Erasmus Scholarship- Kunstakademie der Bildenden Künste, Münich, Germany


  • Erasmus scholarship  – Kunstakademie der Bildenden Künste, Münich, Germany
  • Fundamenta –Amadeus art prize for students
  • Ari Kupsus Gallery’s international art camp– Iszkaszentgyörgy
  • Kirakat Gallery- You can show it- surcharge


  • Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest, The Talent – surcharge
  • Magyar Művelődési Intézet és Képzőművészeti Lektorátus székházában Budapest HU, Temesvár RO, Miracle is in you, III. prize /2010