Not for sale 3D

Not for sale 3D

In the world of capital accumulation, we rush from one place to another, slipping past each other and ourselves, and in the constant pursuit we lose exactly what we have been persecuted all along and whose promise we have been constantly tempted. These are real deep human relationships, resonating with each other and experiencing and getting to know the depths of ourselves. With the proliferation of self and environmental regulation – with planning and designability – we have eliminated the natural proliferation, thus imperceptibly eliminating the possibility of organic development and natural harmony for ourselves. In fact, we quarantined ourselves before the outbreak broke out, all for our own convenience.

The dissonance of the outer and inner worlds has never been more pronounced than it is now during a pandemic, when we are suddenly left alone with the cessation of the urban spin, locked in with ourselves, or with ourselves. Eventually, in the frustrating confinement of the forced rest of the quarantine, looking in the mirror, we see a completely different person than the one we pointed to the outside world day by day in the constant spin of the free world, and almost we thought we were like that.

And now we have reached the crossroads, or we are taking a step towards a world in which we live in harmony with nature, supporting each other, or we are returning to the ‘normal’, to compete for the big ones to gain even more weight.

Melinda Dovák’s installation displays the stations of the above-mentioned problem in a tangible way. It is worth carefully observing every little detail of each window, as they have a complete meaning even when standing on their own, but are connected to each other through a number of symbols, leaving several possibilities for interpretation open.

Curator: Zsófia Kormos

Article about the street art installation by Zopán Nagy:

Music by Anatu, video editing and 3d work by Martha Kicsiny, video concept by Melinda Dovak.


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